School is a second home for every student, where dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents are a combined force to achieve high expectations and higher goals. We at MAXX believe that every child is gifted with talent and a teacher has the great responsibility to nurture that talent. Following Prime Minister’s call for BETI PADHAO, BETI BACHAO slogan, our school has taken a pledge and MAXX does not charge for the admission of the girl child. We also offer sibling discount which helps parents financially.

We are also constantly keeping up with higher standards of teaching methods, as we know that education is a very dynamic and challenging field. Our teachers also keep the teaching interactive, so that all the students feel more involved. There are role plays for the children to play to enhance their skills in understanding the matter of subject more profoundly.

 A teacher is liable towards the child more than parents, although learning process starts at home, but it is enhanced at school only.  As once respected leader of South Africa had said,

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

At MAXX we have always believed in this message.

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